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Photographer based in Norwich, UK

Hello there! I'm Ray, a creative photographer based in the picturesque city of Norwich, England. 

I am passionate about providing fine art photography and exceptional service to my clients.

My expertise lies in relaxed, documentary-style wedding photography, where I aim to immortalize your special day as it naturally unfolds, creating a captivating collection of images that tell your unique story. 

Having had the privilege of being mentored by an internationally acclaimed, award-winning wedding photographer, honing my skills and pushing the boundaries of my craft.

My work has been featured in prestigious publications like Bride Magazine, and I am proud to have received multiple International Wedding Photography Awards in 2022 & 2023 in wedisson.com. These accolades come from a platform where the world's most talented wedding photographers showcase their work and compete with one another, a testament to my dedication to capturing stunning images that truly reflect the beauty and emotion of your wedding day.

Your comfort and peace of mind are paramount to me, which is why I adopt a relaxed and unobtrusive approach. On your special day, I will discreetly blend into the background, capturing precious moments without disrupting the flow of events. You can simply enjoy your celebration while I work tirelessly to immortalize it for you.

Feel free to browse through my gallery, where you can get a glimpse of my artistic vision and style. If you're impressed by what you see, don't hesitate to reach out to me via the contact form or Facebook. I'm excited to hear about your plans and inquiries, and I'm readily available to discuss how I can help you create beautiful memories.

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